6 tips to getting over rejection in Network Marketing

Rejection, Rejection, Rejection


Truth be told, not a lot of Network Marketer’s will admit that it’s the FEAR of rejection that is holding them back, in fact in our 20 years in this profession, I don’t think I have ever heard someone say “I am Afraid of rejection”

What I do hear are statements like

“They are too busy for this” “He wouldn’t be interested in the business” “She’s a single mum she can’t afford the product” etc etc


Pre-qualifying our leads even before we give them a chance to reject what we have to say…


What is Rejection

According to the Webster Dictionary for kids;

“Rejection is the act of not accepting, believing, or considering something”


That being said its actually nothing personal; rather it’s about not accepting, believing or considering something, yet when it comes to our Network Marketing business people personalise it and get offended.


Do you know people that have different religious or political views to you? Does that bother you? No, great then the same when you present your network business, allow people to make an informed choice based on their needs at the time.


Here are a few strategies that will assist you to overcome the Fear of Rejection;

1. Service

Don’t try to “get people” in your business, no one wants be “gotten” rather see yourself as providing valuable information or rendering service with people first and then if your product or business meets the need of that person, offer what you have.


Build relationship, don’t spam your social media with your product or service. Like when you go to the shopping centre and you see the stand in the middle of the aisle and people trying to rub sea salt on your hand, when we spam on social media or pounce on people with what we have to offer, people will naturally feel repelled.


Rather add to people, connect with people, service a need, get to know that person as a person rather than a number.


2. Increase your belief

Make sure your belief in the following areas are rock solid

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Your company and the leadership
  3. Your product or service
  4. You

When your belief in the 4 areas above is rock solid. It doesn’t really matter what people do or think, cause you know where you are going and what you stand for, this creates posture and people are naturally attracted to posture.


3. It’s a numbers game

The truth is network marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea and you know what that’s ok. Our job as network marketers is to go through the numbers as quick as possible to find those people that are meant to be in our organisation. If I need to speak to 100 people to find one that also is ok.

Every no is a step closer to a yes.


4. what are you really afraid of?

What is it that’s really holding you back, is it rejection, is it fear, is it that you are afraid of what you think people will say? Whatever it is identify it, face it, and move on.

There are many ways that you can conquer your fears, the first step is getting to the root cause.

A coach or a mentor can assist you in identifying what it really is that’s holding you back and keep you accountable to change.


5. divorce yourself from the outcome! They are rejecting the information.

Whenever you do something different people will talk about you or put you down. By divorcing yourself from the outcome, you are letting go of the negative emotional attachment.

Doing this you are focus on what you are becoming in order to achieve your goals and hey let people say what they want about you. At the end of the day its none of your business what people think about you, what matters is what you think about you.

6. Make it into a game with your team.

Part of our team culture is to do round table scheduling sessions. During these sessions, we all focus on filling our schedule for the next week with one on one appointments.


We all play a game, that when a team member schedules an appointment we all high five and cheer, like wise when that person gets off the phone and it’s a no, that team member runs to the toilet and flushes it visualising the rejection going down the drain. Why do something like?


It allows you to change state and move on from that one person who rejected the information that was presented at that time.




Don’t allow what you may think as people rejecting you hold you back, it may just not be the right timing for that person you are speaking too.


To Your Success

Stephen and Sharlene Licciardello


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