Are you chasing two rabbits at the same time in Network Marketing?

Why building more than one network marketing business at the same time does not work…

I have often come across people who try to juggle different network marketing businesses at the same time. ‘

Most of them if not all of them, seem to struggle with one or the other and either give up all together or continue to have poor results in both businesses.

Think for a moment, what happens if you try to catch two rabbits at the same time? You will usually end up losing one if not both of them.


Building a Personal Brand

If you develop your own personal brand on social media and provide quality content that matches the needs of your target market without pitching the companies you represent, you will eventually get someone asking you what you do. That is when you can decide after asking some good questions which company or product to lead with.


The temptation may however, be to bombard that lead with all your different companies that you represent, under the notion that you are providing them with choices. And that’s totally up to you, but be prepared to lose any credibility as a professional network marketer and be seen as a Network marketing junkie.


Building more than one business at a time can not only be exhausting and confusing to your unconscious mind, but it can also be damaging to the industry as a whole by causing confusion and discouragement to the people in your existing business when you try to get them to do the same as you.


Some people are good at building a network marketing business to great success and then building another business on the side but with all new people (which is the most ethical way to go about building more than one business, and the best way to keep your credibility as a professional).


Whatever your reasons are for wanting to build more than one business at a time, do bear in mind that most successful Professional Network Marketers only build one business at a time.


To Your Success 

Stephen and Sharlene 



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