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So what’s coaching all about any way and what’s the big deal?

We all have herd the word coaching and the benefits of having a coach, but really can’t I just do it on my own? The answer is yes you can and the truth is you may not.

A coach is that person that comes beside you and has an eagle view of what’s happening right now for you and your business and how you can get to where you really want to go.

Empowering you to succeed in every area of your life and business is important to us, for this reason our coaching is catered to your needs and the needs of your organisation, Whether its general life and wellbeing, weight loss, to sales, marketing or increasing confidence, our coaching will get you to where you need to go. We have coached hundreds of individuals in breaking through and overcoming mental barriers that hinder their success, we are also accredited and trained coaches so we are just not going on our own life experience.

Network Marketing Coaching

Whether you are in Network Marketing or Party Plan our systems will empower you for success, with a combined 30 years’ experience in the direct sales industry both as distributors as well as corporate we understand what it takes to make it in your business. Combining different tools for change as well as systems to duplicate your efforts your business will explode. Personalizing a program for your opportunity and team is something we take serious as we know that each company has their own way of doing things.

Business Coaching

Into days world it’s easy to get caught up working in your business rather than on your business, getting rapt in the day to day running losing the passion for why you first got into business. A business coach is an outsider who can look at your business objectively guiding you to make the necessary changes to promote growth. Whether you are a sole operator to a medium size business our programs are catered so that you get the maximum benefit over the shortest period of time.

Life Coaching

Life coaching has come to its own in recent years, many people are seeing the benefit of engaging a specialised coach to assist them in achieving their goals in life. Similar to business coaching, life coaching works with you in achieving the life you want, while looking at practical strategies and systems to work with. Part of our program is to look at 4 key areas to assist you in any part of your life.

  1. Right Goals
  2. Plan of Action
  3. Focus
  4. Releasing Mental barriers

Perhaps you are in a transitional phase in your life and want to move on, but something is not allowing you and you just can’t pin point it, Life coaching is perfect for that transitional move that is part of growth. We will work with you to get the results you desire.

Wellness Life Coaching

With so many wellness programs around it’s hard to know which program is right for you, wellness coaching is about taking responsibility for your health and wellness, with a tailored program for you. Part of our team consists of wellness coaches and personal trainers to get the maximum from your program, combining mind, body and spirit.


Perhaps you’re not really looking for coaching, and you rather have someone to listen and help you tap into your own voice of reason through traditional counselling, assisting you on the path you want to go to. We have a trained counselor available who is client centered and approachable ready to work with you on a one to one basis to discover which direction in life you want to take.

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I have wanted to share with you all my experience of Stephen’s 3 month coaching program.
Where do I start!!
I was highly recommended to Stephen as I had been in network marketing for 2 years and was just plodding along; I knew I wanted to grow my business and had the passion and drive however I was missing structures and the fundamental understanding and experience of how to have a successful network marketing business and belief in myself. I was “working every day on my business” and was “busy “however was not seeing the financial results.
I contacted Stephen and the first thing I felt was he genuinely cared and he was so excited about network marketing and in one conversation he could see where I was stopped and what would move my business.
Over a 3 month period, he kept me accountable (he still even keeps me accountable daily now!!!), educated and provided me with simple and highly effective pathway to expanding my business including my elevator speech. And as a result I am now invited to speak at networking events and receiving referrals each day. My volume has continued to increase consistently; I started my 3 month program with Stephen in April 2014 where my points were 1600 per month and has continued to increase to 25, 000 per month. And as a result I went from not even registering rank in Australian let alone globally to 2nd in Australian and 13th globally.
So if I can recommend something it would be to take this opportunity with both hands and go for it. Trust me you will not look back!!!

Evonne Bright, Nikken

Stephen and Sharlene did a presentation for my team who are involved in the pro-active healthcare arena. We are virtual franchisees hence we each work independently and it can be a challenge to stay motivated and focused.
They were able to give us a wake-up call and re-energize us to treat our businesses seriously, respecting the opportunity which we had at hand. They listened to us and focused on what was important to each individual. I felt that he was appropriate to our needs and therefore assisted us in kick starting our businesses into action toward the next level of success.
Thank you Stephen and Sharlene,

Krystyna Andreoni, Juice Plus+ Wellness Coordinator

Stephen ans Sharlene are top trainers, passionate trainers whose knowledge, expertise, guidance and training is of the highest level. I highly recommend Stephen and Sharlene, their training’s and their institute. I have attended NLP and Meditation training’s and can verify that you will be in good hands and achieve a great outcome! Thanks Stephen and Sharlene, you represent quality, integrity and what great training’s.

Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus, Happiness / Peace Trainer