Are you a Network Marketing Junkie?

Over the years, I have met many types of people that join network marketing, from the eager beaver who is going to conquer the world and become the next best thing in network marketing to the lost soul looking for a place to call home.


Yet there is one type of personality that I find most interesting and that’s the Network Marketing Junkie….

What do I mean by Network Marketing Junkie?


Well first of all let me share a bit about our story. Both Sharlene and I were introduced to Network Marketing when we were teenagers and had great success in that Company, in fact we were able to purchase our family home and in our twenties, were earning over $10,000 a month which 20 years ago, was pretty good.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control that company went out of business; actually pretty much overnight with no writing on the wall.


We knew that we wanted to stay in network marketing so we joined with another company, trying to recreate the success we had.


When that didn’t work out as fast or as we wanted it we moved onto the next and then the next.


We were trying to create the “HIGH” or status that we had in our first Network Marketing Company and when we couldn’t we would move on to a new “HIGH”.


Then in 2007 we decided we were going to call it a day and go on a Network Marketing Detox, we needed to get the false HIGH out of our system and for 5 years we did nothing in Network Marketing except for coach and run generic trainings for different companies.


The Junkie


Is trying to recreate the first HIGH that they git when they first joined, an illusion of what they thing the business should be like for them and when they don’t get it they move onto something different always going from opportunity to opportunity without taking responsibility.


When Does Change Occur


In 2012 we knew that the time had come to regroup and rebuild, why? We were ready for our last build of significance and this time we knew that we would find a company that were aligned with our values and beliefs.


We also know that it was a 10-year plan and that when we found the company for us we would give it a minimum of 10 years, why? Those that are successful in Network Marketing are the ones that stick to one company and make it work for them.


It took us 2 years to find a company and when we did we committed to that company long term, letting go of what was.


It’s about taking Responsibility for your business, your team, your leaders and who you will become.


We had to change and let go of what was, the very act of trying to recreate what was is never going to work, we had to take ownership of our future and let go of the past.


The Network Marketing Junkie is in the blame cycle, blaming everyone and everything, never taking ownership of the now, moving beyond the illusion of a sense of excitement that once was.


No Business is smooth sailing, that includes network marketing. Take Ownership today and move forward.


To your success

Stephen and Sharlene.


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